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Huband Cradle of Hope is an orphanage in Kenya, Africa, and much more! It is a safe and loving home to children with no other place to go. Most of the children are orphans; some have parents who are unable to care for them. All children are welcome regardless of religion or tribal background.


HCH is a home for 31 children ranging in age from 4 to 17. The children all go to school, they are provided with food, clothing and medical care. But HCH goes beyond just providing the physical necessities of life; the children live in an atmosphere of love and respect. Many of the children come from troubled backgrounds, and at HCH they receive counselling to help them move forward in their lives.


Family reunification is a goal wherever possible. Every effort is made to contact extended family for the children and to encourage the development of family ties. As the children reach maturity, plans are made to ensure that they have the means to achieve a productive and meaningful independent life.


HCH is an independent charity receiving no government funding. There are two boards of directors. The Kenyan board ensures that HCH meets all the Kenyan government requirements and oversees all the day-to-day details of running the home. In Canada, HCH is a registered Ontario charitable organization (Federal status necessary for issuing receipts is pending). The Canadian board is responsible for fundraising and record keeping. Loyal Marafiki (Swahili for “friends”) and generous donors from around the world are what keep HCH going.


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