Eliza in her own words says “Though my parents died I feel fortunate enough to be with my brother and the others in another home, all of us getting education.  For sure god will never leave orphans alone.”


John in his own words says “I am John; I never knew how old I was until now.  Now I know my birth date.  I came to the home in 2007, and went to pre unit class (kindergarten).  There were 76 kids and 1 teacher.  The happiest day of my life was when I was rescued from uncomfortable life and admitted to the home, got a good place to call home, and got to school like other children.  The saddest day of my life was when a stranger abused me and when my grandmother used to overwork me without going to school.  If I had 3 wishes they would be to understand what I am being taught, to get a good job, and to help my mother in the future to get medication for her mental state.”


Dennis in his own words says “I came to the home when I was 4.  I have no family, except my grandmother.  I have neither brother nor sister because my mother is long dead.”


Gloria in her own words says “I really feel so sad when I remember I saw our house on fire, collapsing when my parents and two siblings were inside.  I am happy though because after the sad experience we got a place to call home, and all the people here are very supportive and loving.”


Francis in his own words says “My happiest day was when I was rescued from the streets. Now I have a normal life and can go to school. I also was so happy to get new clothes at Christmas. My saddest day of my life was when I was living on the streets with no one to help me and no one to call my family, the moments I was hungry on the streets and had nowhere to call home.”


Margret in her own words says “The happiest day of my life was when I was rescued from the streets and was able to live a normal life and also go to school. I used to live on the streets and beg for food. The saddest days of my life are when it is holiday time and the other kids go home to visit their guardians and I have nowhere to go. If I had three wishes they would be to get to know and visit my home someday, to get a good job and help the needy, and to see all needy people helped.”


Teddy in his own words says “I am 6 years old in nursery class. I am so happy to be in the home with my siblings and other children. I love playing as well as going to school. I would like to be a policeman in the future. My sister is Sharon and my brother is Kelvin.”


Kelvin in his own words says “My happiest day was when I was placed in the orphanage and did not have to beg for food any more or eat from the garbage. My worst day was when my mum was sick and all our relatives deserted us. If I had three wishes they would be to build a good house for my mom, to excel in education and have a good job in the future. Teddy and Sharon are my siblings and I love them so much.”


Sharon in her own words says “The happiest day of my life was when I went to see my mom and she was in good health after being sick for so long. The saddest day of my life was when my mom was very ill and many of our family members deserted us with no help from anyone. The struggle we went through in life I remember. If I had three wishes they would be to help my mom in the future, to excel in life and have a happy life, and to see all orphans and needy kids helped.”


Allan in his own words says “Though my parents are long gone there are people who are willing to support me in my education and basic needs. I can never repay them; only extend the same gratitude to others who are in need of support like I was. When my parents died was my worst day in life but now I’m happy.”


Diana in her own words says “I saw my mother die on her sick bed and it’s the worst experience ever. It took me years to overcome the trauma. I thought I had no relative but after very many years in the home, they found my aunt. She came to visit me and that was my happiest day of my life.”


Bramwell in his own words says “Huband Cradle is a good home. I am happy and learn comfortably without stress. Now I get food, shelter and education. My favorite subjects are maths and science. I would like to be an engineer when I grow up. My favorite game is soccer. My best clothes are long legged trousers and long t-shirts. I love singing too.”


Derrick in his own words says “My name is Derrick O. I am in grade eight and I am 15 years old. I thank God that he gave me an opportunity to go back to school after having dropped out of school for 3 years. I will always be thankful for Huband and whoever will contribute towards my education. The best I can do is to work hard to be able to help someone else in the future.”


Claudine in her own words says “The happiest day of my life was when I came to the home, after spending some days in the cold when the landlord had thrown my grandmother and me out of the house. I am happy now because I am going to school, I can concentrate, and I am learning. The people at the home take great care of us, and even wash our clothes. The saddest day of my life was when my mum died and I was a baby. How I wish to see her again! When someone dies I always feel very sad. If I had three wishes they would be to see my grandmother do well, to do good in school and to get a good job after school. When I grow up I want to be a pilot, excel in life and help orphans the way I have been helped.”


Barbra in her own words says “Although I miss my mum I am very happy to be in the orphanage being provided with education and the basic needs I was not able to access before.”


Curtis in his own words says “I am 6 yrs old and come from Huband Cradle of Hope Children’s Home. I am in Pre Unit. When I grow up I want to be a teacher. I like singing and dancing. I am an orphan and very happy because now I have access to education, food, clothing and shelter.”


I have been working in a volunteer capacity with HCHCH since 2004. I have been the home’s Director in Kenya since the start of 2009. My duties are many, but the most important area of my work is making sure the children get what they need, like education, food and clothing. I identify their talents and help them appreciate what they have. I teach them to be God fearing and that they should strive to excel in everything. I instill moral ethics in them.

What I like most about this work is that it makes me discover qualities instilled in me and I am happy to know I have changed somebody’s life. I have become a role model among my friends and I appreciate life and praise God for allowing me to work with the less privileged. What I like least about my role is when the kids need something and I don’t have the money to buy them.

The staff at HCHCH are hardworking, loving, caring, persevering and humble people. I encourage them to be trustworthy, loving and caring and to uphold moral standards. We participate in communal works, attend seminars and play sports.

This home has changed the lives of the children. One example is Malyki – an innocent child who was found at a public toilet, and since he was brought to the home he now has a home and “parents” to look up to. One event that really touched my heart was when Denis and Sharon were sick and in a critical position. I was really afraid for them. It was then when I discovered how deep my affection for them really was.

I really love them.


I have worked at HCHCH for 3 and a half years as a caretaker, a security guard, and now as a cook. Being here has changed my life, in that I am a hardworking person and responsible in doing my job. I liked being responsible for a clean environment, and being in company that doesn’t take alcohol or drugs. I like helping the other people work so they will be hard working in their lives. I had not built a house for my family, but now I made one.

The team is faithful, they keep the home’s confidentiality, and can work well without supervision. We help each other when we run out of ideas. Being one of the only male staff at the home, the children call me Uncle. The boys follow me around and I like teaching them about gardening, taking care of the animals, and how to prepare food. I work to help make the children responsible people in the future. Some of the children were taking drugs but now they have stopped.

HUBAND is a home that takes care of and helps the children to learn and be good examples for others.


A Matron by profession, Maureen has experience in patient care, even more so amongst Aids patients.

MISSION: Influence the right behaviors amongst those afflicted.


Macland Angosi joined Huband as a volunteer administrator and member of the board in 2003, he is a trained insurance underwriter whose love for children made him quit his job and devoted his time to work with children (who call him Babu kiswahili – the name for Grandpa) he is now a full time director at Huband in charge of administration.


He is prepared to walk the extra mile to stop child poverty and would like to work with individuals and organizations with a similar vision.