Donate to specific needs

HCH is funded  entirely by donations and fundraising.  The Canadian and Kenyan Boards are composed of volunteers.  The only  administration costs are bank charges.  All the fundraising, accounting, communications and outreach are done by HCH supporters.  HCH offers great opportunity for anyone who wants to contribute to a charity knowing that every dollar they donate will go directly to helping a child grow and thrive.

At this time it takes approximately $3,500 per month to fund the children’s home. This figure is going up as the cost of living does on a regular basis.  Every month is a struggle to pay the bills and sometimes compromises must be made.  We urgently need more monthly donors to help keep the home running and provide the best for the children and thank you for considering even a modest donation.

  • Rent
  • Lights
  • Coal
  • Food
  • Bathroom supplies to include: toilet paper, soap, shampoo, tooth paste, tooth brushes, dental floss, lotion, razors, shaving cream, pads/tampons
  • Cleaning supplies