I have worked at HCHCH for 3 and a half years as a caretaker, a security guard, and now as a cook. Being here has changed my life, in that I am a hardworking person and responsible in doing my job. I liked being responsible for a clean environment, and being in company that doesn’t take alcohol or drugs. I like helping the other people work so they will be hard working in their lives. I had not built a house for my family, but now I made one.

The team is faithful, they keep the home’s confidentiality, and can work well without supervision. We help each other when we run out of ideas. Being one of the only male staff at the home, the children call me Uncle. The boys follow me around and I like teaching them about gardening, taking care of the animals, and how to prepare food. I work to help make the children responsible people in the future. Some of the children were taking drugs but now they have stopped.

HUBAND is a home that takes care of and helps the children to learn and be good examples for others.

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