In December of 2009, HCHCH received a national award citing “outstanding charity and humanitarian support,” which was presented by the Hon. Kenneth Marende, Speaker of Kenyan’s National Assembly

Hon. Kenneth Marende
Kenyan’s National Assembly

"On a trip to Kenya in 2008 we, accompanied by our two young children, had the opportunity to visit the Huband Cradle of Hope Children’s Home. Bright, smiling faces, and kind and friendly staff greeted us. Facilities were modest, but the children were clearly loved and cared for. We were impressed by the level of commitment shown by all the workers, and by the children’s responsiveness. Having worked in Kenya over a five-year period we as a family saw the quiet desperation of orphaned children on a daily basis. Facilities and caring staff are scarce, and a social net as we would understand it in North America is, for the most part, non-existent. The Huband Cradle of Hope Children’s Home meets a significant need in Kenya, and gives 28 children the opportunity for play, education and advancement."

Ms. R. Elie and Dr. D. Caloia