The Founders Message

History of HCH – A Message from Founder John Machio





My late sister, Rebecca Machio, and I started Huband Cradle of Hope (HCH) children’s home in 2003. Although it started out as a “feeding center” for children in need, within two weeks, HCH became an orphanage because of the great need to feed, house and care for orphaned or abandoned children. At the time, Rebecca was working as a cleaner for $50 a month, and it was very inspiring to see someone who had four children of her own donate money and time to make HCH a success based on a sheer determination and human compassion.


Located in a community near Nairobi, Kenya, where many children were orphaned as a result of the AIDS epidemic, HCH is home to 31 children who are either orphans or whose parents simply do not have the means or ability to care for them. Because of HCH, the children have had a stable environment and love and attention since 2003. This is because of the hard work of our small staff in Africa and many volunteers and supporters in Canada. For many years, Mrs. Lou Huband, my late mother-law, provided a substantial amount of funding and her ongoing, generous support has been an inspiration, which is where the “Huband” in “Huband Cradle of Hope” comes from. The success of the home would have made Rebecca very happy if she were still with us today. As a result of our dollective commitment we have many things to be grateful for:


  • • a loving home with attentive staff who have cared for more than 40 children to date
  • • many of the children have been reconnected with their extended families
  • • all children at the home have received a good education
  • • HCH received an award from the Kenyan government in 2009 for Outstanding Charity and Humanitarian Support


All this was made possible from the contributions of ordinary people. As small as we are, this kind of support has empowered us to make a meaningful difference in the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable children.


Yours in gratitude,


John Machio